Experience that is advancing and renews.

Just as the world we embraced about 30 years ago and we have been growing with…starting from low power laser systems up to high power systems that are capable to cut increasingly thicker metal sheets of different kinds, expanding the range of processes. From mechanical sensor heads to capacitive sensor heads, from optical paths for beam generation process to optic fibers. How much time has passed and what progresses in leaps and bounds technology has made!

But common denominator of this whole technological progress is, that quality of the product we manufacture must be impeccable; this since the even tiniest difference makes a huge difference and this can be observed in the quality of the cut.

We well know this difference and we indeed are the ones who make the difference.

The passion for what we are doing, the desire for experimenting, projecting, the will to push ourselves beyond bring us to have a well-appreciated product throughout the world. Having available the most modern technology we succeed in keeping the costs low even maintaining the levels at the highest quality demanded.

The result is, consumable parts approved by laser manufacturers worldwide.



Our targets:

  • To be acknowledged in the market as a “cutting solution provider” to become a reference point for the market of laser cutting for any kind of application, from the old to the most recent application, to produce and/or develop.
  • To be acknowledged by customers as a reliable partner to whom addressing, for both everyday and specific necessities.


  • Projecting, developing and production of consumables according to customers’ drawings
  • Product personalization
  • A wide consumable laser-parts warehouse for quick delivery from stock


  • Production of consumable parts for CO2 and fiber lasers
  • Marketing of optics for CO2 and fiber lasers
  • Marketing of other components for maintenance of laser systems